About Me

Think about a Book with Blank Pages. That’s a SaaS Website without Content Writing.

Comparative, BoFu and Mofu Blog Articles have the highest ROI as they funnel in the readers who are already in a buying stage and do not need beginner-level educational content.

Imagine a product manager with 10 years of experience, sitting in a cab while going back home tired of a hectic day he is researching for tools to help his team to gain, that much-needed edge.

Does he need marketing 101 lessons? Or does he simply need to know the various options out there and how yours can particularly solve his problem?

Equipped with an IT degree I can bring out the best features of your SaaS product and explain why and how they can solve the customer’s pain points better than your competitors.

I research high buying intent keywords, and pain points of customers and interview SMEs to craft compelling articles that help readers solve their problems with your product features.

I am experienced in Social Media Management, Technical SEO, On-page SEO, and Off Page SEO. Hence I know what makes an article rank on search engines.

I believe in creating a positive atmosphere wherever I go, motivating people to do their best.

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