SaaS Content Marketing

SaaS Content Marketing

What is SaaS Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the primary marketing channel for SaaS businesses to acquire customers. Unlike Paid advertising like Google ads or Facebook ads which generate traffic only when the campaign is live and running. Content Marketing works for as long as the content is available on the website social media or the internet.

According to Hubspot research, 70% of businesses engage in the Content Marketing

SaaS Content Marketing
SaaS Content Marketing

Popular Example of SaaS Content Marketing

Hubspot is a recognizable name that loves content marketing. Their bogs inbound methodology is phenomenal.

With the help of content marketing, HubSpot has established itself as the thought leader in the market.

Content marketing consists of


Guest posting

Guest posting on blogs in a particular niche can increase the visibility of a brand or product.

Long Form Content

Comparative/Alternative, Bofu, and Mofu Topics have the highest ROI in long-form content marketing.

Learn how to write long-form articles in A Guide To Long-Form Content Writing[ Article] For SaaS Companies 2024.

Short Form Content

Short-form content is digestible, easy to remember, and keeps the reader engaged throughout the article.

Social media posts

Depending on where your target audience hangout chooses two social media to focus your posting efforts.

Joining relevant Slack and Reddit communities and introducing your product can help you get those early customers free of cost during the initial days of launch.

The communities are also crucial to getting that first needed customer feedback to improve the product or service.

Types of Social Media Posts






Podcasts are growing in popularity and they are one of the most shared content.

Podcasts are great for acquiring backlinks and with the introduction of ChatGPT in content writing Podcasts add originality and differentiate the content in ChatGPT clutter on the internet.

You can appear as a guest on SaaS podcasts to introduce your product to the audience and talk about the inspiration, and what problem it solves.

Famous SaaS Podcasts are.

SaaS Revolution Show


The SaaS Podcast

Scale or Die

SaaS Growth Stacking


Demo videos are the new black in SaaS marketing.

Create good explanatory videos on how to use your SaaS product, it will help in onboarding and also getting customers familiar with the interface.

Email Marketing

With the Highest ROI in Marketing, Email Marketing is king of Outbound Marketing.

Create Super personalized Emails with the help of segmentation based on customer profiles and demographics.

Send out the relevant emails at the right time on the right occasions.

Mailchimp is a popular tool for Email Marketing.

But for SaaS, userlist is SaaS focused Email Marketing tool that helps you in email-led onboarding.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are great if you have a huge marketing budget. They are like a light switch, the light will stay on until the switch is turned on and the bill is being paid.

But they can also get the ball rolling in the initial days of marketing where the SEO takes time.

But for ads to convert you will need good landing pages with visually appealing information and strategically placed CTAs.

Google ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn Ads.


Infographics are also the most shared content. Good compelling and visually attractive infographics will help you acquire backlinks.

A famous tool to create Infographics is Canva.


Ebooks will help you establish in the niche as an expert and authority thus helping increase your trustworthiness.

They are a form of Gated Content.

Use Cases

Use cases are content that shows a particular use case for a particular industry, or user.

It describes in detail what problems it was able to solve.

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