How To Write Bottom Of the Funnel(BoFu) Article for SaaS(Case Study)

Bottom Of the Funnel(BoFu) are articles crafted to attract the traffic particularly interested in buying the product.

These readers are educated about the concepts from other sources like your competitor’s Tofu content and now are searching for the product that specifically solves their problem.

There are two main points while writing the Bottom of the Funnel articles

  • Recognizing Customer Pain Points
  • What Solution does your product offer to those Pain Points?

The Basic Question is, do the specific features of your product solve the specific problems of the customer?

The basic list of the articles that are considered Bofu are

  • Comparative(product 1 vs product 2).
  • Alternative(popular product alternatives).
  • Product Case Studies.
  • Product Testimonials.
  • Product Free trials.
  • Product Pricing pages.
Marketing Manager

Let’s say a Marketing Manager is looking for WhatsApp Marketing solutions.

He already knows the importance of marketing through WhatsApp, a popular software used for WhatsApp marketing.

He is only searching for specific options that can particularly solve his specific needs.

He has a website through which people order products.

People should be able to get

  • payment confirmation,
  • order confirmation notifications,
  • shipping status,
  • periodical marketing promotions,

Interactive chatbot for

  • collecting addresses,
  • payments,
  • tracking shipments
Whatsapp Marketing Illustration

As a Marketing Manager, what are the probable keywords he will be typing in search engines?

(since he is a marketing Manager he already knows some popular options and he will be finding solutions comparative to them).

They will be


WATI vs Twilio

Top WATI alternatives

WATI Pros vs. Cons

WATI Benchmarks

WATI Reviews

WATI Ratings

WATI Pricing

Imagine you are selling an OV-branded shovel and you are writing an article

Gardening Guide For Beginners.

Girl Watering Plants

How many people looking for a gardening guide will be interested in buying shovels? hardly a few.

But if you write an article

TentLab Trowel Shovel vs QiWiz Trowel Shovel


It will funnel in the maximum number of people looking for TentLab and QiWiz Trowel Shovels for gardening purposes, thus helping you bank on the brand awareness of your competitors.

Few articles like these will get the ball rolling and you will start generating leads from your content marketing efforts

Here is an article I wrote for the BoFu stage

Bottom Of The Funnel Article Case Study

The article is fluff-free directly explaining the product, its features in detail, and its user interface.

CoxPost is a Social Media Management Tool. The tool helps in social media post scheduling, Email marketing, SMS marketing, Chatbots, and Social Selling( in Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs) and in the creation of an e-commerce storefront.

In the article, I listed 5 buffer alternatives with Coxpost as the main primary alternative.

The basis of the argument was, what more can we get with Coxpost than Buffer since Buffer is only a social media planning and scheduling tool?

What I did was interview the founder of CoxPost, use the CoxPost, and try out its various features.

Made a list of its features.
Listed the extra features of the tool which is an e-commerce store, chatbot builder, email marketing, and SMS marketing to highlight the advantage of using CoxPost over the buffer.

Explained the user interface to make the reader familiar with the tool(often people choose the products that seem familiar).

Then covered the remaining four 4 alternatives with their brief descriptions, list of features, and introductory prices.

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