SEO For SaaS 2024 (With Checklist)


SEO for SaaS is the main source of traffic generation, increasing brand awareness and customer acquisition.

It is how you get found on Google by people looking for similar solutions to your offering.

Basics Checklist(SEO FOR SaaS)

Imagine you have decided to be an entrepreneur and after extensive brainstorming, you opened a bakery.

But how you will go about setting up your bakery?

1) First Step In SEO for SaaS is Setting up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool:

After renting or buying the place for the bakery, you will take input from your friends and family 👪.

Take useful advice into consideration and work on any shortcomings that are present.

Which cakes are popular, what flavors do they like, what other things they would like with cakes, etc, etc.

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool act like friends and family giving free advice.

  • See which keywords bring you the most traffic.
  • Submit your sitemap.
  • Fix website errors.
  • Manual actions.
  • See your page experience scores.
  • And lots more.

2) Setting up Google Analytics:

You should maintain the Register to note 📝 down information of the customers for your bakery.

When they came in: Date, Day, Month, where they came from, what they were looking for, what they bought, etc.

Google Analytics Acts like a Register on the counter of a shop. It keeps a record of where the customers came from( organic, social, direct), and how much time they spent on which page.

The platforms they used (mobile, Desktop)

  • See how much traffic you get from Google
  • Find the pages on your site that bring you the most traffic
  • See if your traffic is increasing (and by how much)
  • Identify other sites and search engines that send you traffic
  • Your average bounce rate, page views, and time on the site

3) Install and set up an SEO plugin:

Then you will hire an Interior Designer to design the bakery and make it more customer-friendly and attractive.

The SEO plugin acts as an Interior Designer. It suggests changes to make the website more search-friendly.

  • Rankmath
  • Yoast
  • All In SEO

4) Generate and submit a Sitemap:

The next step will be to design a proper Menu Card. So people can order their desired cake 🎂 .

A sitemap acts like a Menu Card. It has a list of the contents of the website. It is designed for search engines to help crawl the pages.

5) Create a Robots.txt file:

A Notice Board to let the customers know which cakes are not available.

The robots.txt file acts like a Notice Board. It has a list of the pages that it does not want search engines to crawl.

6) Check Google Search Console for manual actions:

Mail Box to get letters from customers and notices from authorities.

Google Search Console also acts like a Compliant Box where you get

7) Make sure your site is indexed :

You must have a proper sign board that displays your Name, Services, and Contact Info so that people passing by, can understand what services you offer.

Then list the name of the business in Local Business Directories so the people looking for the cake 🎂 can contact you.

Sign Board, Listing in Business Directories, etc.

Keyword Research Checklist(SEO FOR SaaS)

Long Tail Keywords With “Google Suggest”

Often while in a group of friends, we utter a word and the whole conversation drifts in that direction.

Where a friend having more input shares knowledge with the rest of the friends.

Just like that, we can

Head to Google Search and type in the word related to the niche and without hitting the enter, Google will suggest extensions to the words.

Find Keywords In The Google Keyword Planner

Bartenders keep all the information about what is happening in the town.

A Keyword Planner is like a bartender who keeps the information about everyone’s searches.

Trending Searches, Search Volume, etc.

In the real world when we want to provide service or products like cake we look for which cake has the most demand and is not made by a lot of bakers.

Just like that

Always look for Low Competition High Volume Keywords.

For Keyword Planner you need a Google ads account.

Tap Into Online Communities

There are niche communities for various activities. Like

Imagine joining a community of foodies who share various food-related opinions and experiences.

The insight from such a community is the real-world experience helping you learn which product is in demand or which problem is unsolved.

Reddit is the best place to research keywords, and you get access to real questions from real people in real-time.

You can build a whole content strategy based on Q&A from the Reddit Community


I use the Ahref Keyword Generator free version as love the feature of unlimited queries. It shows the first 10 answers free of cost you can try various combinations of the Keywords.

Ahref is more accurate than Keyword Planner.

It gives access to search data from Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon

This helps you research the most searched Keywords for Blogs, Videos, and E-commerce

Moz Keyword Explorer

The most important matrix for Moz is Domain Authority. Domain Authority shows the authority of the website.

It is particularly useful when you want to create a whole website targeting a whole niche.

Technical SEO Checklist(SEO FOR SaaS)

Identify Crawl Errors

Just like a spider needs a continuous web to crawl, Search bots need continuously linked webpages to access all the webpages to index them.

Find Out How Google Views Your Page

Make Your Site Responsive

Although B2B SaaS users will be using the Services on a bigger screen, having a mobile-optimized website will improve the rankings.

Also, it will help the users scroll through your website when they are traveling, or watching a movie.

So it’s best to be available on smaller screens too.

Fix Broken Links

The Product 4 on page one is linked to the Product Page but the Product page is not connected to the Checkout Page.

This will lead to poor conversion and act as a dead-end while crawling for search engines.

Misspelled URL

Let’s say your customer is interested in one of the cakes that she tasted at a friend’s birthday party. She got the number from her friend.

But the problem is the number you provided on your card and your actual number is different.

Will she be able to call you? Just like that, a misspelling of a URL could lead to the loss of potential customers/traffic.

Updated URL

Sometimes due to better service, we change our network operator leading to a change in the phone number. Like that, we sometimes change our URLs. But Search Engines rank the the older URLs on the Index which will take the customer to the unavailable page.

Remember to redirect the Older URL to the New URL

Firewall or Geolocation Restrictions

Firewall and Geolocation Restrictions are used for providing security to the websites. But they can also act as a barrier for potential customers from accessing your website.

Moved Content

Just like when we move things in a shop and a customer needs help finding items. When we move content on the website the customer needs help locating the content.

Malfunctioning Plugins

We need lots of plugins for various services. These plugins can create bloat, and security issues, Leading to a downgrade in the indexing of the website.

The Site is Down

Server Error 500 is a server unavailable error leading to downtime of the website.

Identify why the website is down and try to get the website live as fast as possible.

Secure Your Site With HTTPS

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and S in HTTPS adds Secure Layer to the HTTP.

HTTPS website is trusted by search engines and seen as a reliable website.

All the user data; usernames and passwords shared over HTTPS are encrypted and safe.

Check Your Site’s Loading Speed

Google PageSpeed Insights helps you see what is wrong with the website.

It shows the data for the Mobile and Desktop Interface.

The Basic Overview Matrics are

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO


Include Your Keyword In Your URL

Keyword In URLs help search engines and the readers make sense of URLs hence leading to better ranking.

Use Short URLs

In a study conducted by Backlinko Short URLs have performed better in SEO rankings.

Front-Load Your Keyword In Your Title Tag

Embed Title Tag Modifiers

Tag modifiers help your content get discovered for alternate search queries. Thus satisfying the search intent.

Use Your Keyword Once In The First 150 Words

Using the keyword in the first 150 keywords helps the reader and search engine the topic of the article is the same as

Use Your Keyword in H1, H2 or H3 Tags

H1, H2, H3, and subsequent Hs help structure the article according to the hierarchy of the content. Increasing the content readability and digestibility of the content.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images helps in faster loading and better visibility. Nobody likes slow websites. If the website takes more than 4 seconds to load the chances are more than 80 percent of users will leave and find a different website.

Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords

These are the similar keywords that are used in the same field. Using these keywords helps search engines recognize the theme of the content and thus provide better search results for similar queries.

Use External Links

Linking to external websites helps the search engine conclude that your content is well referred to and not any mumbo jumbo you came up with.

Use Internal Links

Internal linking is the real magic of SEO. Since you have a lot of content interlinked, search engines understand that niche is covered in detail.

Thus internal linking establishes the authority of the website in a particular niche.

Content Checklist(SEO FOR SaaS)

Create Amazing Content Using Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS

Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS is a marketing model according to the customer journey.




Are its main stages.

Chunk Your Content to Maximize Readability

Arranging the content in sequence, and breaking it into smaller digestible chunks increases its readability.

Cover Your Product information and Use Cases In-Depth

Writing In-Depth about Topics related to Niche and Products and Pain Points of the customers helps in setting oneself as the authority in Space.

Thus increasing the brand presence and trust of customers in the product and the brand.

Use Schema Markup

Schema markup helps search engines understand the content and context of your pages more effectively.

This improved understanding will lead your pages to be shown for more relevant search queries. Hence more traffic.

Schema markup enhances the appearance of your page in search results.

This means people are more likely to notice and click on your page. Improving your click-through rate (CTR).

Many sites still aren’t using schema markup. So when you do, you’re getting ahead of the curve. It’s a competitive edge that makes your website stand out.

Focus on Content Formats That Are Working Right Now

Comparative and Listicle Formats are the highest ranking in the Google search.

Also, these have the highest ROI in the content format. Imagine a marketing manager with 10 years of experience. Does he need marketing 101 lessons or does he need a list of the solutions and how those solutions can be useful to his particular problem?

These kinds of requirements are particularly handled by listicles and Comparative Posts.

Use Multimedia

The use of Images and Illustrations makes the content engaging and hence improves the readability of the content.

A 100-word sentence can be explained by one simple image.

Create Content Pillars

Your shop will be having a display of various products.

Arranging them as per category will help the customer search and select with ease

Just like that

Arranging the content as per their main topics helps search engines and readers access information in a logical flow.

Link Building Checklist(SEO FOR SaaS)

Build Powerful Backlinks With Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a method of building Backlinks where you post articles and videos on websites in the same niche with good traffic.

Reverse Your Competitor’s Backlinks

With the Semrush Backlink Analysis tool, you can find your competitor’s Backlinks.

Create better content and reach out to the referring website to let them know that you have updated content.

Be patient and nonpushy while contacting the webmasters of these websites. But remember to gently follow up if any of the webmasters do not respond.

Build Contextual Backlinks With Link Roundups

Find out the website in your niche and reach out to them with your related articles which can help them elaborate, and explain their points in a more detailed manner.

Become a Podcast Guest

Podcasts are one of the most shared content on the internet. Being a Guest on a podcast helps you build backlinks to the websites and your social profiles.

Get Quotes from SaaS Influencers In Your Blog Posts

Getting Quotes from credible experts in the article from your niche can help you make your content more trustworthy. Also, you will get backlinks from those people thus helping you with SEO.

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