Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS

Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS

I will be addressing Content Writing and start with the Bottom Stage and travel to the Top Stage of the Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS since my content writing approach is such.

You can apply this Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS to other forms of SaaS Content Marketing as well.

The plus point of targeting BoFu early in the content strategy is, that they help funnel in the traffic that is mostly interested in buying and is already educated from other sources.

Companies have finite resources and time constraints. They can not go on creating unlimited content targeting high volume low competition keywords. There is just no point in writing all about educational content at the beginning of the content writing.

BoFu Stage – Content Marketing Funnel

The BoFu stage in the Content Marketing Funnel is considered a Decision stage.

Marketing Manager

Let’s say a Marketing Manager is looking for WhatsApp Marketing solutions.

He already knows the importance of marketing through WhatsApp, a popular software used for WhatsApp marketing.

He is only searching for options that can particularly solve his specific needs.

He has a website through which people order products.

People should be able to get

  • payment confirmation,
  • order confirmation notifications,
  • shipping status,
  • periodical marketing promotions,

Interactive chatbot for

  • collecting addresses,
  • payments,
  • tracking shipments
Whatsapp Marketing Illustration

As a Marketing Manager, what are the probable keywords he will be typing in search engines?

(since he is a marketing Manager he already knows some popular options and he will be finding solutions comparative to them).

They will be

  • Comparative(product 1 vs product 2).
  • Alternative(popular product alternatives).
  • Product Case Studies.
  • Product Testimonials.
  • Product Free trials.
  • Product Pricing pages.

WATI vs Twilio

Top WATI alternatives

WATI Pros vs. Cons

WATI Benchmarks

WATI Reviews

WATI Ratings

WATI Pricing

Imagine you are selling an OV-branded shovel and you are writing an article

Gardening Guide For Beginners.

Girl Watering Plants

How many people looking for a gardening guide will be interested in buying shovels? hardly a few.

But if you write an article

TentLab Trowel Shovel vs QiWiz Trowel Shovel


It will funnel in the maximum number of people looking for TentLab and QiWiz Trowel Shovels for gardening purposes, thus helping you bank on the brand awareness of your competitors.

Few articles like these will get the ball rolling and you will start generating leads from your content marketing efforts

Here is an article I wrote for the BoFu stage

After exhausting BoFu keywords we move on to MoFu keywords.

MoFu Stage – Content Marketing Funnel

The MoFu stage in the Content Marketing Funnel is more about consideration, as people are looking for various options out there.

The person will be researching for a list of products using the keywords Best, List of

Lists Illustration

List of Whatsapp Marketing Software.

Best WhatsApp plugins for eCommerce (woo-commerce, Magento, etc).

List of Bulk WhatsApp Message Senders.

Best Nocode WhatsApp Chatbot Builders.

These people are educated about the basic concepts which are typically covered in Tofu topics and now researching the products and they are not fixed on any particular product yet.

ToFu Stage – Content Marketing Funnel

The Tofu stage in Content Marketing Funnel is more of an educational content, which educates and elaborates ideas, concepts, methodology, etc

Team Innovation

It is useful when the product is the first of its kind and there is no awareness regarding similar solutions.

For example CDNizer, there is no such SaaS product in the market, I have made that up but the application is practical if the product is made.

CDNizer is a product that optimizes the SaaS assets. It helps in the localization of the SaaS near the CDN servers, prioritizing resource allocation thus enabling greater speed than the applications that use the CDN without the optimizer.

Or developers have to specifically follow industry best practices to optimize the SaaS product for CDN deployment which is a manual effort, time-consuming, and consisting of a lot of trial and errors

Now how you are going to market a product that does not have competitors or does not have terminology to address the niche?

Like Best CDN Optimizers.

You clearly can not create an article on the Best CDN Optimizers since there is no concept of products called CDN Optimizers.

Here is exactly where ToFu content will help you out.

The article

How to Optimize SaaS For CDN Deployment

CDN illustration

with all the How-tos, Benefits, and Checklists will educate the user on how they can optimize the SaaS for CDN deployment and then introduce the product CDNizer which automates all the tasks and reduces 10 to 15 days of work to just 4 to 5 clicks.

Another use case of Tofu Content is when you have exhausted all of your BoFu and Mofu topics and you have a good amount of customer base.

Now you are looking to educate the customers about certain Concepts, How-Tos, Methodologies, and News related to the niches that will establish your tone of voice in the market.

Hubspot created content regarding Inbound Marketing which was a new concept.

How does Inbound marketing help you increase and retain customer loyalty? Attract, Engage and Delight is its main idea.

Hubspot Marketing Fly Wheel

Image Credit: Hubspot

When the market is flooded with competitors which content can set you apart? The content that increases your brand presence.

The best method is to create educational articles on topics that have high volume and low competition in your niche.

By creating ToFu content you are investing in a long long game.

MBA Student

An MBA grad while in college learned about various marketing concepts from your articles. While reading these articles he learned about your product.

After graduation, he takes up a job as an intern or junior and his marketing senior has entrusted him with the task of making a list of software that can make their life easier.

Since he already knows about your software as the articles have helped him learn about the concepts and made his life easier, he will be favoring that particular software. It will be on the top of his mind and thus on the list.

It is like planting a seed(product) in the minds of readers while educating them about concepts about the niche and when the time comes the product sprouts on their tongue

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