How To Write Job Description For A Freelance B2B SaaS Content Writer 2024[Template]

job description for a freelance SaaS writer

The job description for a freelance B2B SaaS Content Writer clearly describes what the company requires from the writer and what the company offers in return.

Include your

  • company’s mission,
  • the niche the company works in,
  • for whom the product is targeted,
  • and information about the Founder/Content Head

so the SaaS content writer can get an understanding of the DNA of the company.

Information about the Contact Person and a little brief about his personality.

Make it clear whether the freelance writer needs to be uptight about how he addresses the client or if can he be causal and call the client or responsible person by first name.

Instead of creating a long long list of requirements while writing the job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer and scaring away potential great writers.

Focus on giving as much information as possible to make the freelancer comfortable with your SaaS product in your job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer.

Remember writing a job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer is like advertising a job just like advertising a product, just here you are selling your requirements to attract the best candidate.

Make it easy for freelancers to understand your company and the product. 

Give a link to the demo account or freemium account of the SaaS product so the freelancer can take the test drive of the product and come up with content topic ideas.

If you are going to provide topics, list some of the article topics so the writer can think from the provided topic angles and structure his thought process while testing the product.

You are hiring a freelance writer and not an in-house employee. So, the more freelancers know about the product from the job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer, the more they can come prepared thus reducing the time in orientation.

Also, state what you are looking for, from your content: lead generation/ increased brand exposure, etc

Depending on what specific requirement you have, the ToFu, MoFu, or BoFu topics will decided for the articles.

While writing the job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer be sure to include the article that you want to use as a reference. 

An example article will help the writer understand the expectations and style of writing you have in mind.

Something like this

We are looking for a Freelance B2B SaaS Content Writer to target High Intent Keywords/etc/etc which drive the conversion.

The example blog post article we have in mind for the style of writing is

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Our desired word count is 1000 words per article but as long as it fulfills the search intent and conveys all the necessary information in the most understanding manner, we are flexible about word count.

Please provide a relevant writing sample similar to the above article.

Provide small brief info about the ideal writer profile you are looking for.

People look at all the listed bullet points and if they can not satisfy them, they will not fill out the application, thus leading to the potential loss of a great candidate.

Create a list of requirements for an Ideal candidate, those who fulfill more than 70% are your ok candidates, up to 80% or 90% are ideal candidates, and up to 100% are like a white peacock, much much rare, and there’s no point in wasting time in finding the one.

You should focus on 70, 80, and 90, with 70 being workable by providing him with appropriate briefing, training, and grooming.

Remember you are not looking for the best of the best but looking for the safe candidate who will deliver the article around the deadline while maintaining the required quality.

You can get the best writer but what is the point if he takes forever to deliver? This is a common case, great work takes time and you need to be patient around them.

But how much time? For this, you can set your limits and make them clear.

Decide what are your negotiables and nonnegotiables.

Negotiable can be experience, education, or relevant degree.

While non-negotiables will be writing samples, writing quality, SEO knowledge, etc

It does not matter whether the candidate is new or has years of experience if he has written similar articles and has demonstrable knowledge of SEO, Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS, and the SaaS Industry.

By listing all the pros, craft the description so that a person should want to work with you.

Pros: Job Description for a Freelance B2B SaaS Content Writer

Compensation or Budget

Listing compensation in the job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer is like creating a hook and increasing the interest in the job posting. 

Compensation ( per hour / per word / per article).

Paying per article is the best way as per my observation because creative skill like writing is hard to measure from the context of per hour. 

Writers Block
Image by Freepik

Writers Block: Irrespective of the writer’s experience, every writer faces writer’s block.

Some days as a writer you can complete a 1500-word blog post article in one hour, and some days you will take 3 days to complete an article just because you aren’t feeling it.

So charging customers for slacking off will be unfair to them.

Now let’s look at it from the writer’s perspective.

Eureka: Often the writer is thinking about the topic when he is not writing on his laptop. 

Image by Freepik

I am sure you must have experienced this, like everyone else, a fabulous work-related Idea is struck while in the shower. 

That too happens in the case of writers, So if you want your writer to think about your product even when he is not writing, pay him for the blog post article.

Now let’s talk about paying per word, a long-form blog post article is already by definition long and there is no point in writing words just to fill the requirement of the word count. 

It is the quality of the article that should matter and whether it satisfies the search intent or not.

When the articles need to be, to the point, without filler, fluff, and crisp to keep the reader engaged, the writer will do everything possible to reduce the word count while delivering the same message.


Original: During the course of testing, the majority of bugs were resolved in response to extensive testing procedures. (17 words)

Revised: During the testing, most bugs were resolved due to extensive testing procedures. (12 words)

If you want your copy to be crisp and to the point paying per word is a bad idea.

So the best method of payment is per article, with a word range from 800 to 1500 words 1200 dollars, up to 2000 words 1600 dollars, etc

If you are looking for SEO skills, remember that a writer with SEO skills will cost you more but he will also save you on hiring a separate SEO executive to make your copy SEO compliant.

So while thinking of compensation think of how much you will save rather than how much more you are paying compared to traditional SaaS writers.

On-Time Payment.

For a person who lives on fluctuating income assurance of timely payment is of the utmost importance.

A simple line in the job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer will put his mind at ease and he will not need to worry about how he will pay for his meals or rent or installments.

Remember people have bills to pay.

Byline in the article.

Every writer likes to have his name featured in the article, that is how he uses it as a portfolio while pitching to new clients.

The best thing about the byline is, since his name is on the article he will give it, the best of his abilities to create or maintain his reputation.

Clear Outline/ Content Brief  By Content Head.

Clear Outline/ Content Brief helps the writer in learning, researching, and investigating the product/ Industry/ Methodology as it is like having a map.

Imagine building a house without a blueprint, how will you communicate with tradesmen? where do you want the stairs to be? how large the steps will be? what will be the size of the windows? what will be the length and breadth of the rooms? You can write them a long essay or ask your architect to hand them a blueprint.

If you do not have a Content Head also called Content Strategy Head, then be sure to include that in the job description for a freelance B2B SaaS content writer.

The job profile will fall under the category of SaaS Content Strategy and Writing.

Access to SME and Customer Respentative

Many companies do not get this. They want writers to research on their own and create content.

For authentic information and deeper insights, input from SMEs and Customer representatives is crucial. It cuts down on time and stops the writer from assuming many things.

It will help the writer write solutions (Subject Matter Expert (SME Input)) to the Customer’s pain points( Customer Representative Input)

Subscription to the base plan of SaaS product for 1 year.

Content writing is always an ongoing process where you need timely content updation with changing SaaS product features and customer requirements.

It will help you in getting the writer well-versed with your product in case you decide to hire him again.

This also can be perceived as an appreciation for a job well done. If you have a base plan on a freemium basis or it does not cost you much then giving a subscription can be a good rewarding factor for a job well done.

Requirements: Job Description for a Freelance B2B SaaS Content Writer

Writing Sample.

Writing Sample will help you see the actual work of the writer and judge his writing quality.

You can decide by reading the samples whether the writing is engaging, to the point with clear structure. 

Always ask for a writing sample in the job description for a freelance SaaS writer

Well-versed with SaaS terminologies.

A writer familiar with SaaS terminologies will find it easy to learn and understand the SaaS product.

Imagine a guy who is a travel writer, he is expected to write about CDNizer (a fictional product that optimizes SaaS products for CDN deployment).

For that, he needs to know what is CDN, which he can learn but obviously will need more time than the guy who is already familiar with CDNs.

Fair knowledge of the SaaS Landscape.

Knowledge of the SaaS landscape will ensure the writer will craft the article addressing the right customer base.

Is the product the first of its kind or does it have competitors? Depending on that the article will need to be positioned.

Let us take an example of our beloved fictional SaaS product CDNizer. Now since there is no other product that does what our product does. We will be not able to write Comparative / listicles. 

We will need to write ToFu articles like How to Optimize SaaS product for CDN deployment 

With all the how-to steps, benefits and then introduce our product with benefits like reducing the time from 10 to 15 days to 4 clicks.

White Papers will also showcase the use cases.

Knowledge of Content Marketing Funnel.

Depending on the stage of marketing a writer will need to decide the topic and content needed to write.

Whether we are looking to generate leads create awareness or educate the community on a particular methodology, or industry best practices.

SEO Knowledge.

SEO Knowledge will help him optimize the article for Search Engine thus increasing the chances of discoverability of the article.

SEO is nothing but best practices for how the article should be structured, proper use of hierarchy(H2s, H3s, H4s), its readability, natural keyword distribution, interlinking, featured snippets, etc

Job Description For a Freelance B2B SaaS writer [Template]

[Job Description For a Freelance B2B SaaS Content Writer]

We are a [SaaS OutLine] company.

We operate in the [B2B space. Our Founder is a warm friendly open to new-ideas kind of Guy who treats everyone fairly. Our clients are highly knowledgeable about their space and need someone who can speak at their level].

Please make sure to visit our website to learn more about us and feel free to register and take a test drive of our product

Company Website: SaaS OutLine

We aim to create [BoFu / MoFu / ToFu-level long-form articles / short form / Whitepaper / Ebook that will pitch our product / Create awareness of our product / write various use cases /  Educate readers on industry best practices and help showcase features of our product in the best way possible].

The example article we have in mind for the current project is

[ Best Buffer Alternatives

Our desired word count is 1000 words per article but as long as it fulfills the search intent and conveys all the necessary information in the most understanding manner, we are flexible about word count].

Please provide a relevant writing sample similar to the above article.

We are looking for a person [who has good knowledge of the SaaS Industry.
A degree in IT would be a plus but not required if you have a relevant writing portfolio].

Benefits Of Working With Us


  • 1200 USD( for a word count greater than 800 and upto 1500).
  • On-Time Payment( Within Three Days Of Delivery).
  • Byline.
  • Clear Outline / Content Brief Provided By Content Head.
  • Access to SME and Customer Respentative for deeper product Insight and customer pain point Insight.
  • Subscription to the base plan of Our SaaS product for 1 year.



  • 3 relevant written article samples.
  • Well-versed with SaaS terminologies.
  • Fair knowledge of the SaaS Landscape.
  • Knowledge of Content Marketing Funnel For SaaS.
  • SEO knowledge.

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